6 Important Facts about Drug Detox Centers You Should Know About

drug detox centersA society free from harmful substances such as illegal drugs is very difficult to achieve. But by helping a person you know or love get over his or her addiction you may be able to save a life.

One of the most effective ways on how this could be done is to bring said substance abuser to a drug detox centers

But before you admit your friend, loved one, or even yourself to one of these, get informed about what these facilities are, the usual processes which they utilize and other factors involved in the treatment procedures.

The Main Goal

Some people think that the foremost aim of these detox and rehabilitation centers is to help substance abusers gradually curb their cravings and, in time, end it.

While that is an important part of the treatment process, the main goal is to help substance abusers re-integrate into the society as productive individuals in their family, workplace, and in the community in which they belong to.

A Holistic Treatment

Another erroneous assumption about drug detoxification is that it only deals with getting rid of the substance in the body; that once that is done, the patient can be discharged already.

But, if you go back to the main goal that was presented above, it would also follow that drug detox also involves providing ALL the needs of the patient covering all aspects of his life. That means recouping one’s physical health, regaining one’s lost sense of self and rebuilding support systems, among others.

Programs Offered

While there is a general path to wellness from substance abuse, different facilities would offer different programs for patients. And these are usually based on the gravity of the condition and what the patient really needs. This, in turn, will affect the next three points which you will see below:

Program Location

At times, patients are considered to be ‘walk-ins’, allowed to come to the center once or twice a week. There are also instances wherein they are urged to stay in the facility for days, without contact to the outside world. At our facility in Newport Beach, CA we offer both options.

Program Duration

Most detoxification processes last for a week. But for more complicated situations (in cases of in anticipating women or those who have been drug users for decades), the treatment duration would be longer.

The Cost of Drug Detox and Rehab

Here’s the last (in this list, at least) but maybe the most important information for many people. Drug detox and rehab can be very expensive, true. And the cost will depend greatly on whether the program offered to you is outpatient (walk-in then out) or inpatient.

But think about how more you will spend on the overall handling of drug abuse case including health care costs, incarceration, representation, and trial.

Now, that you have some idea about what drug detox centers are and what they can do, your next step would be to check out a few facilities and choose one which will suit the needs of your friend or family who is suffering from substance abuse. For more information please visit our homepage.