What’s It Like to Detox Drugs?

empty shot glass on coaster before going to rehabEveryone knows that drug addiction treatment and rehabilitation programs always start with a detoxification process whether it is medically supervised, or inpatient drug treatment center-supervised. But, what many would like to know is what it is like to undergo detoxification from a healthcare facility or any other facility that provides drug detoxification programs across the country and all around the world.

You already know that detoxification cleanses people of the addicting substance from your body. During your drug addiction, your body has initiated some changes in its structure and function, particularly in the brain. The normal chemical composition of the brain is altered such that it shows a variety of symptoms and signs without the addicting substance. This is called the withdrawal period where you experience many physical, mental, and emotional manifestations because of the absence of the drug in your brain. That is why you simply have to take more and more of the drugs at increasingly more frequent times. This is how you develop addiction.

When you undergo detoxification, you can expect that many these manifestations will occur. However, you will not be taking any of the drugs that you have been addicted to simply because you are already trying to get rid of them. So, you will have to endure the whole experience of withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification will particularly always start with a very comprehensive assessment of your drug addiction the type of drugs that you are addicted to. This can include the length of time you have been using drugs, how much drugs you take per session, and how frequent you take them in a day then in a week. This will have to be ascertained so that the detox team will have an idea of how best to approach your addiction problem and what kind of detoxification program will best suit you. If your drug addiction is quite severe, then you might be put on a medically supervised detox program. Otherwise, inpatient detox programs will often suffice.

During detoxification, healthcare professionals will monitor your progress particularly during those periods when you are exhibiting signs of withdrawal. In severe cases, you might be given drug detoxification protocols that will help minimize the withdrawal effects while still giving you almost similar effects to your addicting drug. The danger in these drugs is that, if not carefully monitored, they may present additional addiction problems for you. That is why detoxification should always be performed under the supervision of qualified personnel. When drug protocols are involved, you need a doctor to supervise the entire detox program.

So, a detoxing from drugs will help you get through the ordeal of withdrawal symptoms by helping you manage some of these symptoms. In cases where this is not possible, an entirely different approach may be implemented so that you will be able to rid your body of the addicting substances.

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