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AKUA Mind & Body, Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has a team of compassionate professionals whose mission is to help create an environment of healing and transformation, for each client seeking change. Our Drug & Alcohol Recovery Rehab Center is located close to the beach in sunny southern California.
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checkIndividual Psychotherapy
checkGroup Trauma & Music Therapy
checkRelationship Counseling
checkPersonal Chefs & Meal Plans
checkYoga, Meditation & Relaxation
checkMassage & Acupuncture
checkLife Skills Classes


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Our Drug Rehab Center can help with Prescription Medication Abuse

If you know someone with these signs or have these symptoms our Addiction Treatment Counselors can help.

  • Signs of exhaustion: prescription medications often have side effects that disrupt natural sleep patterns, leading to either insomnia or somnolence
  • Weight loss or obvious change in eating patterns: common prescription medications that are abused include stimulants, which could lead to rapid weight loss. Opiates, anti-anxiety meds, and antipsychotic medications often lead to increased appetite and weight gain.
checkUnlike other facilities, AKUA offers not ONLY 1 level, but ALL 3 levels of treatment
checkGender Specific programs that focus on a holistic approach to recovery
checkAKUA is one of the few treatment centers nationally that maintains the highest level of accreditation by JCAHO




What sets us apart from other facilities are the three levels of care we offer. The first level is Detox; cleansing to strengthen and repair the damage that has been done from drugs and alcohol, the second level; Residential, involves promoting recovery and building a strong foundation of sobriety, the third is; Intensive Outpatient care, aiding in recovery skills and addiction counseling.

Our Addiction Treatment Counselors are here to aid you in your journey to recovery. Contact us for more information.