Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

Our treatment programs offer a unique approach to mental health care and dual diagnosis. Each client is assessed and put on an individualized program that combines Western medicine and evidence-based science with Eastern philosophy and traditional modalities.


  • Individual and group psychotherapy sessions enable clients to confront deep-seeded issues that contribute to dependent and self-destructive behaviors.
  • Meditation teaches clients to find a calm, relaxing central point within the body.
  • Trauma therapy directly helps clients cope with devastating experiences of the past.
  • EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy and Brainspotting are comprehensive and integrative psychotherapeutic approach we employ to help those who have suffered trauma.
  • 24-hour clinical care and a safe, secure, gender-specific environment creates ultimate safety. We pay special attention to our dual diagnosis client’s needs and aim to make detox a rejuvenating experience.
  • Self-help groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous and Al-Anon, provide needed support in the “real world” once clients leave our facility.
  • Life purpose coaching is designed to help clients set small goals based on future plans.


  • Medication is administered to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Medication may also be necessary to treat illnesses or related conditions that parallel addiction.
  • Brain-healthy meal plans not only aid in detoxifying the body but also in rebuilding health by supporting whole-body healing.
  • Acupuncture is utilized as a proven health treatment for anxiety, depression, and other addiction-related symptoms.
  • Yoga encompasses stress-reducing movements to help the body, mind and spirit focus on a central locus of energy.
  • Physical activity is an integral part of recovery at Akua. We plan a wide range of activities to help promote an active lifestyle once you regain energy.

Our expert staff offers compassionate care with clinical sophistication. Even after a client’s time at Akua has ended, our staff continues to offer support in his or her journey to health and sobriety.

At Akua Mind & Body, we work with clients as part of a larger support network. By extension of our holistic approach, we take our treatment protocol outside the client and embrace the family, friends, and other medical professionals to give the client the best chance for lasting recovery.


Our initial and primary focus throughout detoxification is the client. Our entire detoxification process is designed to ensure that our clients are free from all drug and alcohol residue and mentally prepared for engaging the deeper behavioral health issues. We believe that addiction is a complex disease that requires treatment of each aspect of the client’s being in order to be successful. As such, we focus on integrating treatment of the mind, body and spirit.


In almost every case, our clients’ family has been deeply affected by their loved one’s drug or alcohol abuse. Not only do family members suffer when a loved one is addicted, but they may also unintentionally enable addictive behaviors in an honest attempt to try to save or rescue their loved one. At Akua Mind & Body, we feel it is our job to ensure that our clients’ family is included in the recovery process, empowering and educating them about addiction and their role in their loved one’s addiction

Clinical Professionals

At Akua Mind & Body, we believe in a team approach. We use every opportunity to partner with clinical professionals who may have referred a client to Akua for detoxification or who may be continuing the treatment protocols with our clients once detoxification is complete. Working alongside other medical experts ensures that our clients receive seamless care from the moment they enter our facility until the time they leave.

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