Treatment Centers In California

At NewportOne Health, we help our clients navigate the path to lasting recovery. Our trained Admissions Counselors change the lives of the people that call us every day. With our 24-hour addiction helpline 833-833-7342, we can help you or your loved one find the right treatment center.

Wherever you are in the recovery process, NewportOne Health is your resource for inpatient detox facilities, intensive outpatient treatment and sober living residential communities throughout California. Whether you are searching for alcohol or drug rehab, we are your advocates for getting your life back.

Find a Treatment Center That Fits Your Needs
Our dedicated Admissions Counselors are available 24/7 to help you choose the right alcohol or drug rehabilitation center.
Verify Your Insurance
Call today to verify your insurance and find a rehabilitation center that will fit your needs. Our partner treatment centers accept PPO and HMO insurance plans.
Confidential Assessment
Your privacy is important and we guarantee complete confidentiality while helping to place you in the best rehabilitation center for your individual needs.

Your Addiction Does Not Define You
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Treatment Centers Built With Your Comfort In Mind
The recovery process is not easy, but our Admissions Counselors will place you in the right treatment center with your well-being in mind. Comfortable settings with top clinicians set the stage for lasting sobriety.

A Focus On Nutrition
Healthy and delicious food options are essential to getting you back to health. Every facility we partner with emphasizes a nutritious lifestyle while creating healthy meal habits. Quality food and delicious snacks are readily available while you recover.
Many facilities outside of the NewportOne Health network load you with highly processed, fatty food options. We believe in a holistic approach, with nutrition as the catalyst for a full body and mind recovery.

Get On A Lasting Path To Healing
Each of our partner facilities focus on total body healing. Based on your needs, our Admissions Counselors will refer you to a rehabilitation center tailored to individual treatment options that guarantee you the best chance of lasting sobriety. While in treatment you will enjoy a number of activities that encourage healthy living such as bike rides along the beach, hikes in the forest, a swim in one of the many pools on-site or a group volleyball game on the sand. Finding healthy ways to fill your time helps you focus on your recovery.

Why Choose Us?

NewportOne Health aims to find the rehabilitation center that will best address your drug and alcohol recovery needs. We have dozens of facilities in our preferred partner network and will offer you:
  • Access to the best facilities with the highest recovery rates
  • Specific treatment plans to address your specific addiction and mental health needs
  • The best clinicians in the industry
Why Choose Us?

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